Sunday, 23 November 2014

And so it begins...First time blogger!

First time blogger!

Hey, Ladybones here (aka Sarah :)) I just wanted something to consume my time in a more productive way. What's better than starting a sweet blog? So I thought I'm mainly going to focus on music, beauty and fashion because they're what takes up my time. Oh and maybe other bits and bobs like University or dogs. I have a dog called Pumba who's a tiny yorkie.

I love this little guy.

I'm not going to bore you with my life story, I'll make an extra page for that :D 

So down to business, atm it's Christmas time, so as per usual I'm stressing out at things to buy like clothes and presents for family and friends. Now for my clothes I've decided to buy a boxy tshirt and some cute leggings because I know they'll go with my not so secret Dr Martens off my boyfriend. Btw I loooooove Dr marten shoes. I just thing they go with everything and once broken in, they're so comfy. 

Right first is my top from Newlook which is more brighter in person but still gorgeous.

This is a dark pink lurex top with wide sleeves and is unbelievably comfy! It again looks really dark but it's quite shimmery which I like because my leggings arnt that funky. But that's what I was going for. Anyway this is a gorgeous find for only £9.99 I think it's quite versatile because you could dress it up with a cute skirt and chunky heels or down like I am with cute leggings and Dr Martens.

Here are my leggings which are from h&m.

Sorry for the crappy picture but I'm on my iPad and can't be bothered fixing it :) so these are my 
leggings, now some of you may be thinking these are crappy but I asure you they're pretty cute. The 
pattern on them is pretty and not too in your face. And for £12.99 they're pretty sweet.

As I said before these are going with my Dr Martens which are all black. Now one thing I'll tell you is that I loooove black. You just can't go wrong with it.

So yeah it's getting late now and my sisters are getting annoyed because I've been blogging for like 3 hours straight and they want to watch a horror. Yay. Not. So bye for now but I'm pretty sure I'll be updating this quite often.

Ladybones x


  1. Hi Sarah! Thanks for visiting my blog. Good luck with your new blog--it's super fun! (: I followed you on Google +.

  2. Thanks! I didn't realise I didn't have the follow option aha all sorted though. I love your blog 💜