Sunday, 15 February 2015

Beauty haul!

I am obsessed with these cheap makeup bargains I recently bought/received. So I thought I'd share them with you lovelies.

This little beauty was in a set I received for Christmas. It includes bronzer, blusher and highlighter!
I use this as my starter contour routine. Recently I've been wanting to try it out so I thought using this which I already have to do some basic contouring was perfect to learn. I use the bronzer on the bottoms of my cheekbones, around the outside of my head and the outside of my nose to define. It's really a great product because it's not too dark for my pale skin but it's not colourless either were nothing shows up.

I don't know if this is new or what, but when it was in Superdrug at a slashed price of £2 I thought it'd be rude not to! This is such a lovely product to use. I can't tell you how many times I've bought eye shadows and they're like a tub of glitter on my eyelids. I hate that. But this pallet is different from the crowd, its pigment is crazy good with just the right amount of shimmer. I've used it to create subtle but sassy smokey eyes and now this is my go to product.

Allow me to introduce, Lilac Belle.
OMG this lipstick. I'm quite an idiot when it comes to buying lipstick, I look at the colour and go Oooo I will buy, and I do and end up disappointed because it's too glossy. I always forget I prefer matte lipsticks. I don't know why I do this but hey aha. The pigment on this lipstick is truly lovable, it brightens up your face and adds to any look you're trying to achieve. Finally, brace yourselves, it only costs £1. I couldn't believe it either.

Here I used all above products to achieve this look.

I hope this was vaguely interesting or helpful. Drop me a comment if you've used any of these products!

Love yas.
Ladyybones x


  1. Hi!
    I've nominated you for The Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award-
    Love your blog :) x

  2. Love that lipstick Sarah!! <3 Sooo nice! Xx

    1. The colour's to die for isn't it, can't stop wearing it :) xx

  3. Okay we are very jealous of the lipstick. Love the colour so vibrant. . We are new to the blogging scene so we would love it if you could check out or blog and maybe even give us a cheeky follow? We are open to feedback as we would love to improve our blog in any way. Thank you.

  4. I need to get into makeup revolution. I've heard so much about their products! xxx

    1. I was the same, I kept hearing people rave about it and I know why now. For the price you're paying, you're getting really good quality products x