Saturday, 21 March 2015

Lush review: Spacegirl and Unicorn

Looking for ways to de-stress but don't want to break the bank? Then a trip to Lush is a definite must. There is a lot of hype with Lush and there's every right to be. They honestly make the most amazing bath products at a range of affordable prices which make a soak in the tub that bit more tranquil. 

Lately I have been run off my feet, not having a moment to myself really so I thought I'd make a trip  to Lush and see if there was anything I fancied so I could have some me time.



Yesterday I was having a terrible day, busy beyond imaginable and everything wasn't going great. So I thought do you know what? No. Can't do this no more life. It's time to get my Lush on. And boy did I.

Spacegirl is a creamy and dreamy experience not for the faint hearted. Not really but you should all try it! It relaxed me so much and left my skin super soft which is always nice. When I popped it into my bath I didn't expect the reaction I got. Instead of me trying to explain (I'll probably mess it up) Here's the result...
(With added Bokeh hearts effect because. Just because)

Pink and purple!
Looks more red but it was a really cute shade of pink. I literally soaked in the tub loving life with this bath bomb. Not going to lie.
It was subtly shimmery and sooo creamy. I'd definitely recommend it.


I loved this bubble bar. I ran it under the running water and the bubbles started to invade my bath. It was quite lovely! It went a nice shade of pink and there were loads of bubbles. 

I think I got three baths out of it because I broke it up because it's not an awkward shape where I have no choice but to use the whole lot, which was a plus.

I think in comparison, yes I understand that one is a bubble bar,one is not. But overall bath indulgence I'd go for Spacegirl every time. All day every day.

I must say, over the years I have tried numerous different bath bombs and the majority of the time been disappointed because of things like how it made my skin feel or even if it irritated me, But I have nothing but good things to say about LUSH. From them producing high quality products for a great price to them being against animal testing. And it's always extra special when somethings handmade.

Next on the agenda is a shampoo bar! Have you tried one? 


  1. I love all these new lush bath bombs, they make such cool baths! The unicorn one is so pretty!

  2. I love the unicorn horn, I can’t wait til next Easter to get it again :)

    Hayley @ Tea Party Beauty

  3. Ahh I had a unicorn horn, but Spacegirl looks even more magical! I want to try a shampoo bar too. I think they'd be good for travelling (to reduce on liquids)
    x GNAR MOSH x

    1. Spacegirl was my favourite. I want to try a shampoo bar too, they look interesting aha