Monday, 25 May 2015

Forever Living review


With being ill recently I've been finding it hard to fit blogging in. But I'm back!

Soo, the lovely Elsa got in touch with me to see if I'd sample and review some of Forever Living products and I thought, why not? they're Aloe Vera based and oh my are they good.

She sent me samples in a cute little bag, and the rest was history...

Aloe Propolis Creme
I used this creme as a  general moisturiser. My face was feeling a bit tired and dry so i started there. When applying the creme, it was a nice consistency and most importantly for my face, not greasy. I hate that when you apply a moisturiser and your left looking like you dipped your face in a chipper.
I also applied a little on my neck. Overall it was a pretty decent product and it had a wonderful aroma too. I could especially smell Chamomile.
Unlike most cremes I've used, this one was a long lasting moisturiser. Most don't leave your face feeling fresh for long. Definitely recommend!

Aloe Heat Lotion
I really wanted to try this but as my boyfriend was having trouble with his knee, he was the guinea pig haha. He was amazed by it, no joke. He doesn't generally like many cremes because he says none of them work, except this. It took his pain away for a while, longer than most over the counter heat cremes you can get. And he's tried many. thumbs up from Mr Clay.

Aloe Vera Gelly
Now for my favourite product. For ages I've been searching for a nice, light makeup base but I've tried so many and been nothing but disappointed. When I tried this I was a  bit sceptical but I was wrong to do so. It's so nice! not so fragrant which i wanted, very light in consistency and made my foundation stay in place, because usually throughout the day, i go patchy aha. I will be definitely ordering some of this when payday comes. Highly recommend this bad boy.

Aloe Moisturising Lotion
I used this on my stretch marks as recommended. It was pleasantly fragrant but I didn't really notice much. Maybe with a continued application you would, but it was a nice moisturizer.

Aloe Vera Tooth Gel
With circumstances atm I was unable to use the gel.

With over 75 known active ingredients Aloe is beyond beneficial. My skin hasn't felt better and that's the truth. I'm 100% honest when I'm reviewing because there's no point in lying...

Have you tried and Aloe Vera Products?


  1. Great post! The heat lotion sounds amazing!

  2. The Heat Lotion is suuuuuper versatile too- aches/pains, migraines, troubled sleeping pattern- can all be helped with this lotion. Plus each tube easily lasts for 3-4 months! Bargain. Buy it or any of the products mentioned above here, to your door: Or email for more help and info x